A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009 travel blog

Konpon Daito, Koya-San



Mausoleum of the Tokugawas, Koya-San

Toto, Koya-San

Saito, Koya-San

Daimon entrance gate, Koya-San

Bridge, central Koya-san

Konpon Daito through the trees


Path to Danjo Garan


Trees and building, Koya-san

Grounds of one of the many monasteries you can stay at


Unknown temple, Koya-San

Okunoin Cemetary

Huge pile of ??? Okunoin Cemetary

Okunoin forest cemetary

Okunoin Cemetary

Two mountains in two days! And a big contrast between the two, starting with the fact that I got a cable car up today's one. This was largely for reasons of time, but I`m sure my still aching thighs were glad I did. I had to walk several miles nevertheless, but this was mostly on the flat, so didn`t count.

I spent the day on Koya-San, the mountain-top HQ of one of the seemingly numerous Japanese Buddhist sects, yet another place on the World Heritage list, and deservedly so. There are hundreds of monasteries scattered through the forests on top of this large mountain, and it was wonderful. I think of this as my last real day in Japan, and it was a superb one. The sun shone most of the day, there weren`t too many other people around, there were loads of fantastic coloured trees, and Koya-San itself was great, gorgeous temples and a very atmospheric and vast forest cemetery.

And I got back to Osaka early enough to experience and enjoy the city while I was choosing where to eat. Osaka is like Tokyo, but also different, perhaps a bit more streety and fast, but just as bright, colourful and noisy. I am glad I stayed here in the end. And tomorrow really is my last full day here, and I am currently thinking I will spend it in Tokyo...

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