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Mount Rushmore Fireworks 2006

Road to Mount Rushmore


A Parking Area at Memorial

The Presidents

B-1 - Note Blue Sky

The Fog is Moving In

The Needle

One of the 6 Tunnels


Rain & Fog

Custer State Park


Wild Donkeys

Buffalo Herd

Buffalo Upclose & Personal





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Mount Rushmore Fireworks 2009

Happy Independence Day! We went to see the fireworks at Mt. Rushmore yesterday. It’s a great place to celebrate the birth of our nation. We met a lot of people from different parts of the country, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Texas, etc. The memorial, grounds and the single road leading to the memorial were packed with people. Some people had to walk 3 miles to get to the memorial. The only problem we had was with the weather (what else). It rained all day and was cloudy when we arrived. Some of the people had been at Mt. Rushmore since 7:00AM. We were lucky (had a better plan?) and signed up for a tour that had reserved seats and took us right to the memorial parking garage. We had great seats with Mt. Rushmore right in front of us, a great place to view the fireworks over their head. We thought things would be good when the skies parted about 7:00PM and the sun came out in time to see the scheduled B-1 flyover. By 8:00PM a nasty storm cloud came over and we thought we were going to get soaked, but there was no rain only fog. It was so foggy that the Presidents disappeared from view and a second twilight B-1 flyover was canceled. The fireworks went on, but were not the event we had hoped to see. I created a short video to give you the experience we had and added a picture of what it should have looked like. Excuse the quality and size as I had to scrunch the file size in order to load it in less than a day with the satellite connection we have at the campground.

We spent the earlier part of yesterday sightseeing along the Needles Highway (named for the rock formations) and Custer State Park. It was wet, but we got to see a lot of buffalo and pronghorn. South Dakota is a diverse and beautiful state. We’re looking forward to visiting Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Park, Devils Tower (remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind), Deadwood (HBO Series), and Sturgis.

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