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Highland Storm the GAEL

We had picnic on this beach

Our buddy at Rossignol winery

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Rossignol Winery

Well today we headed off to do the East Coastal Drive. We thought we would head up to Georgetown first because they had in the tourist book that there was a heritage walking tour with about 60 historic homes we could see. Well we headed up and I have to say the scenery was mostly of agricultural nature not as pretty as yesterday's scenery.

Well we got to Georgetown and I have to say we were so disappointed the walking tour they walked about was around a five block area and yes there were a lot of homes but you were only to look on the outside you couldn't go in they were all private residents. The town really had nothing going on and we just shook our heads because it was not anything like the travel brochure. Well it was getting to be around noon so we decided to go down by the pier and have our lunch and we down at the picnic and within two minutes we were eaten alive by mosquitoes and the wind was so cold we said the heck with it well finish our lunch in the truck.

It took us 2 1/2 hrs to get up to Georgetown and so we decided we won't go up island any further we would just start to head back along the shoreline. Well you actually don't drive the shoreline you weave in and out and only get glimpes of it this was very disappointing.

We stopped at Little Sands which has the only winery on the Island. The winery is called Rossignol Estate winery which is surrounded by rolling fields of sheep, a vineyard, and the Northumberland Strait.

All of the winery's wine labels are replicated from original Island artwork painted by Rossignol's neighbour and Island folk artist Nancy Perkins and winery owner John Rossignol. The winery retail and tasting room features a variety of premium fruit and table wines. We found a couple of their wines we enjoyed so we bought a couple of bottles.

While we were there outside the door to the tasting room was this beautiful Irish setter that whenever you went close to him he would roll over so you would rub his belly. He was so cute he would follow us around outside as we viewed the winery and as soon as you looked at him away he would go rolling over again. I asked Brian if we could sneak him into our truck and drive away but he said no! Meany!!!

Well we have to say after the winery we just said forget it lets head home for us we didn't really find the East coastal drive that interesting now don't let this ever stop you from going because we heard that further up the island are beautiful beaches but we just didn't have the time to go that day.

We had to get home a little early because we were going out tonight. Brian was taking me out for dinner and then we were going to see "Highland Storm the Gael" which was being performed at The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts.

Well we went to a pub which was across the street from where Highland Storm was being performed and we had mussels and ceasar salad for dinner which we shared absolutely delicious. We then went over to the show which was performed in an outdoor theater.

The College of Piping & Celtic Performing Arts of Canada which is based in Summerside, and affiliated with The College of Piping in Glasgow, The College has developed a world-class reputation as an international school of excellence in Highland bagpiping, Scottish-style drumming, Highland dancing and Island step dancing. It's mandate is to preserve and promote the Celtic heritage of Canada’s most Celtic province, Prince Edward Island.

Since its inception in 1990, students from all over the world come to learn traditional Celtic arts, passed down from generation to generation. As the only year-round institution of its kind in North America, The College attracts students from across Canada and as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Germany, the United States of America and even Scotland. Under the direction of College faculty, individuals and pipe bands have been consistent winners in local, national and international competitions.

The show this evening was fantastic we couldn't have asked for anything more enjoyable than the performance we saw. The show featured a cast of over thirty with artistic direction provided by Stephanie Cadman, a world-renowned dancer, fiddler and choreographer. The show also featured three highly-acclaimed Island artists: Patricia Murray (Vocals), Roy Johnstone (Fiddle) and Brad Fremlin (Keyboard). The show also features, Cameron Francis, a young step dancing dynamo known across PEI. This show is a must see if you are in PEI.

Tomorrow we have a bit of shopping to do and then we will relax around home and get caught up on a few things. We leave for Pictou on Thursday, Wade & Wendy will be flying in and joining us there for a week.

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