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After coming back from the gibbons I caught a bus further north into Laos to Luang Nam Tha. The trip was about 4 hours long with about 16 people squeezed into a 12 seater mini van speeding along incredibly windy roads that seemed to be in a constant state of half-repair so at any given moment there was only one lane open for both directions. Avoiding head on collisions took regular evasive action by the driver so to say the ride was rough would be an understatement.

There was a Laos couple travelling with their two young children, one seated on each parent’s lap. About an hour in one of the kids must have gotten car sick and threw up all over the mum. The mum then promptly threw up all over the kid’s head. Then the other kid, seated in the row in front, threw up on the dad and HE threw up on the kid too. If it wasn’t so awful it would have been quite comical (well, I thought it was pretty funny anyway but the people sitting right next to them did not). Fortunately I was sitting next to a window and spent the next 3 hours with my head hanging outside the window, hoping for no close calls with oncoming traffic.

In Luang Nam Tha I found in a great little guesthouse, Nahmking, for about $10 a night then with a splitting headache went to lie down for awhile. After a couple of hours a massive storn struck with thunder the likes of which I have never heard before. I went out to book a trekking tour for the following day but due to a power outage everywhere was closed for the evening. The following morning I tried again but the power was still out and by the time it came back on it was too late to go anywhere for the day. I took the opportunity for a bit of relaxing and then seeing as it stormed for most of the day and into the next night, I considered it quite fortunate that I hadn't gone trekking after all!

I'll head back to Huay Xai tomorrow for the night then cross the border the following morning into Thailand.

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