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Oklahoma State Capitol

Monument to Oil

The Native American Tribe Flags of Oklahoma


Friday morning we thought we were good to go. The motorhome engine was all put back together, it started, but it wouldn't idle. Turns out the valves are bad. When the oil pump went out it affected the valves after all. They compression tested anywhere from 13 to 45, so....we rented a car and drove up to Waco to spend Shabbat with friends. They were observing Yom Kippur on Shabbat so we joined them (for our second observance).

Eddie Chumney was the invited speaker and as always he was thought provoking and stimulating. Go to "youtube" and do a search for Lindsey Williams, some interesting stuff about this man that Eddie shared with us you might appreciate.

Sunday we decided to take the car up to Oklahoma City and make the proclamation. Nice drive, beautiful weather and after the capitol we went on over to Chandler where Monte Judah has Lion and Lamb Ministries Succot. We surprised some more friends because no one was expecting to see us. It was great fun to recconect with Cecil and Wendy and Kaye and Jimmy and Don and Maureen. Monte even remembered Steve at least. Simcha Ruth (Frances) even met a couple she knew. We had a great evening visiting at the picnic tables and later a campfire. Some wonderful opportunities for ministry for Steve addressing the divinity of Y'Shua to some young men falling into the rabbinic trap and Shirley sharing about breaking out of hasatan's web. There truly were divine appointments met in Chandler, Oklahoma! Halleluyah!!

It was hard to leave Monday morning. There was much tugging on our heart strings to get us to stay. But we have appointments to keep, some we know of and some as of yet unknown.

We stopped in Dallas and rented a mini van from a local car rental agency that would rent to us for a month and allow us unlimited miles to drive outside of Texas to anywhere in the U.S. We spent Monday night in Waco. Had a wonderful dinner and evening with the Swan family, unfortunately I was so tired I didn't catch much of the after-dinner conversation. Where were my toothpicks!

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