Anthony's Interesting Times 2004 travel blog

Courtyard in the Forbidden Palace, Beijing

Great Wall of China north of Beijing

New Summer Palave, Beijing

New Summer Palace, Beijing in the background

Water Margin set, Wuxi

The North Cloud Sea, Huangshan Mountain

Huang Shan Mountain peaks and clouds

Lijiang River near Yangshuo

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces, Longjeng

Me on the High Path, Tiger Leaping Gorge

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain from Lijiang Old Town

Local minority women in Shilin Stone Forest

Huangguoshu Falls, Anshun

Anshun Temple in the rain

Huangshi Village, Wulingyuan National Park

Wulingyuan National Park

Zhongyue Miao Taoist Temple

Shaolin Temple

The Potala, Lhasa, Tibet

Tibetan pilgrims, Drepung Monastery near Lhasa

Tibetans, Barkhor Square, Lhasa

Monks debating, Sera Monastery near Lhasa

Kimbum Chorten, Gyantse, Tibet

Shigatse Monastery, Tibet

Sakya Monastery, Tibet

Rongbuk Monastery and Mt. Everest

Me at Everest Base Camp (it's cold!)

Durbar Square, Khatmandu, Nepal

View from Jomsom, Mustang on the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit trek south of Larjung

Durbar Square, Khatmandu

Bodhnath, Khatmandu

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Due to overbooking out of Khatmandu, I got to go Business Class to Dubai, great! All went well though, and Erica was there to meet me at the airport and take me home. It was nice to be back home, and the house looked OK with H's stuff gone, particularly after the boys had helped me rearrange it a bit and we'd done some shopping. Shea was there to greet me, and Marc came over, so we had a roast dinner to celebrate and get back into normal life.

It all seems like a bit if a dream now, particulrly China, which seems like another trip some years ago. I am sorting through my nearly 2,000 pics though, and in a few days will put up my shortlisted 50 or so here.

Well, after much angsting, I managed to get it down to a shortlist of about 200 pictures - all the ones I thought were good pictures, interesting or both. And then for the sake of this web-site and for those with limited enthusiasm for other people's pictures, I further shortlisted to 35, not bad from 2,000 or so.

And that's the end of it. It was a great trip, I got all from it I expected and more, and it was awesome in places. Next? South America - Macchu Picchu almost the only unlived dream I have left, other than the South Pole and Space! Japan appeals a lot also, as does more trekking in Nepal. But the big journey continues, so now I start a new phase - new girlfriend, new job and pattern of working and generally new way of being! I can't wait for this next adventure.

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