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Walking through the streets

Even in India...

No gap at all between any vehicles on the road


The Red Fort

The Red Fort


The view from Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid

Cotton Market

Donkey heads for sale




Spice seller



Typical street traffic, its consistently crazy

The largest masla dosa I have ever seen (and it was entree...

First dinner with my fellow travellers

I arrived here in Delhi about 2am and given the famous Delhi traffic it took me an hour to get to the hotel which was only 20km away. I really didn't get to see much though given it was all dark..

At the hotel they only had suites left so I took one of those without any complaints!

After waking up late this morning and going to a pre-tour meeting where I met the other 8 people on my trip and the tour leader Rudi, I headed out with my new roomie, Sandy, for a look at Old Delhi. From the moment I left the hotel I loved everything I saw everywhere I went. India is an amazing place so vibrant and alive. Its a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells like I have never experienced before.

I went first to the Red Fort by tuk tuk for 30rupees (1 AU$) and then wandered around the streets and ended up at the Jama Masjid which is the largest muslim mosque in India. I had to pay 200R to be able to take my camera in and then when I wanted walk up the tower I was told that I would have to pay for a man to go with me because single girls can't go up there. I just couldn't bring myself to do it though! I spent a few hours just walking the streets and absorbing as much as I could of this incredible place, it has so much character. I can see why so many people told me that I'd either love it or hate it, and love it I do!

AND the most exciting thing is that for the first time ever I am surrounded by people who look like me!! It almost felt a little bit like a homecoming of sorts. I know I still look like a foreign tourist but people still recognise me as Indian and even try talking to me in Hindi (which gets them nowhere.)

Its much colder here than I thought it would be, about 13C last night and not much over 20C today so I'm regretting posting home all my warm stuff. Its only going to get colder as I head north and especially by the time I get to Nepal in a couple of weeks.

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