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Bill Pets Echols the Bull

Cindy with Syrup Feeder

Bill and Cindy at "Back in Time" Soda Fountain


This morning I caught up on my laundry chores before leaving the RV park in Powderly. I had planned to give Daisy a bath in Paris. However, it was misting due to a cool front that moved in during the night; so I decided to wait for better weather. I headed for Bill and Cindy's house and arrived around 1:15. Since they wouldn't be home until several hours later, I took advantage of the time to do a little reading.


Today Cindy had to go for physical therapy for her injuries due to a car wreck several weeks ago. Bill and I ran some errands and then went into the therapy room to visit with Cindy while she completed her exercises. She has to go for therapy three times a week, for a total of six weeks. After that I don't know what she will do. She will know more about it by the end of next week.


Early this morning I took Daisy to get her regular maintenance done. The air filter had to be replaced because it was so full of dust. That didn't surprise me at all because I have been in so many dusty places on my trip. Everything else was okay.

Afterwards I went with Cindy to her Newcomers Club luncheon meeting. They had an auction -- or maybe I should say "two auctions" because part of it was a silent auction and part an oral one with a regular auctioneer yet! His normal speech was very slow but he fairly rattled when he was doing the auctioneer's spiel! In addition, they had a white elephant sale and a bake sale. I bought a couple of cute stuffed animals to give to the battered women's and children's shelter in December when my camping club gives our regular contribution.

Later in the afternoon, after we had returned home, I went out the front door and was greeted by a cute little white dog of uncertain parentage. He was wearing a collar with a tag, so I knew he belonged to someone. I called the phone number on the tag and reached the Pet Clinic in a nearby village. They gave me the owners' names and phone number. The lady at the clinic told me that the dog had been dumped and that he had been rescued and brought in for treatment. His fur was full of cockleburs so he had to be shaved. He also had some skin problems. Cindy called the new owners several times before finally reaching them. They live on a farm at least ten miles away, so that little pooch had made quite a trek! He had crossed a busy U.S. highway without being run over. We fed him some bread and milk, which he gobbled up in record time. The man came to pick him up, so now all is well. He said he would put the dog inside his truck trailer to keep him from running away again until the dog got used to his new home.


This afternoon Cindy had physical therapy again and Bill and I ran errands while she was doing that. After we got back home, we went to feed their cows some special feed mix to supplement the grass they are eating. They came running when Bill honked the horn!


Today was cloudy and chilly so we mostly just bummed around the house. However, we did get out long enough to go to "Back in Time", an antiques store with an old-fashioned soda fountain. That was fun. Tonight Bill and Cindy went to Bill's eighth-grade reunion and I just watched TV. They came home early and reported that their barbeque meal was delicious. It was prepared by some neighbors down the road from their house.


Today has been a cool rainy day. This area really needs a good soaking rain to break the drought. Late this afternoon we went to eat at a new Mexican restaurant. The food was very good and the waiters attentive.


It was still raining this morning. I woke up several times last night and heard it coming down hard. The Paris area had received 4.5 inches as of 8:00 this morning. It was good to see all those puddles!

This afternoon, while Cindy was in therapy, Bill and I ran more errands. We went to the bank so he could get some cash and so I could get some quarters for laundry machines. Bill asked the cashier if she could recommend a hairdresser to give me a good hair cut. The one she told us about did an excellent job on my difficult head of hair. It was such a relief to get it done. She recommended a special styling brush for me, so Bill took me to Sally Beauty Supply to get one.


Today the housekeeper came, so we had to get up earlier than usual. That gave me time to get caught up on my laundry and start taking my stuff back out to my motorhome. That way, I won't have so much to do tomorrow morning to get ready to leave for Tyler State Park. Bill and Cindy are going to Dallas tomorrow, so Cindy took her physical therapy this afternoon. I took a nice long nap while they were gone.

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