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Early morning scenic river

Train bridge in background - another early morning scenic river

Quiet road ! Watch for Amish carriages

Early morning fog on the marsh

Brown cranes

North Channel leading to Manitoulin Island

Water inlets approaching Island

Line-up waiting for Brodge to reopen

Welcome to the Island - all commercia!!

Views from Strawberry Hill - we just came from hills in background

Looking east over Georgian BAY

Georgian Bay - interesting blues!!

HIstoric Manitowaning & flower shows!!

Holiday Haven Campsite on Manitou Lake

Great landscaping "at a campground!"

National Bagpipes Day in honour of Jim

The game of "Washers" tournament - only in rural Ontario !!

Day 43 Massey to Manitowaning

109.05 kms @ 22.4 kph for 4 hrs 53 min total time 6 hr 15 mins plann dist 111 km

Chilly over night - tent fly wet again on the inside. Another nice day - temperatures in the mid 20s & sunny - nice riding day .

A relatively short day for positioning for the ferry ride to the Bruce Peninsula tomorrow.

Went on back roads from Massey to Espanola - very quiet road - watch for horse & carts

. Also very scenic along the route - river

, fog raising on the lake

and brown cranes


After Espanola we followed hwy 6 towards Manitoulin Island - very hilly and into a southern headwind. Hwy 6 is an old highway that was built in the era of going up & over (hills & obstacles) as opposed to the cut & fill ( more friendly slopes) . Coming out of the hills towards Manitoulin we pass many of the North Channel inland waters.

. Many are populated with cottages, fishing & boating wharfs. The bridge to the island is a swing bridge (for boats ) that is closed for 15 minutes every hour on the hour during the spring to fall. The north side of the approach is on 1st Nation land & they take the opportunity during tourist season to fund raise.

. .

Being Saturday of the long weekend the roads were really quite busy - a challenge for the bikers & the motorists.

Manitoulin Island

is the world's largest freshwater island and is speckled in the interior with many lakes , including Manitou Lake ( where we stayed tonight) which is the world's largest lake within a lake.

The island has a long history of religious missionaries among the Indians - some experiments & mostly failures. The island has also been used as a meeting place for 1st Nations from North America and around the world. Of course it is now better known as a summer tourist area for camping , swimming, hiking etc.

The island is relatively flat and easy riding ( except for the head winds we experienced) . At Strawberry Channel we got a good view of the hills that we crossed over in the morning

We also had good view of the west end of Georgian Bay


Close to Manitowaning

we stayed at the Holiday Haven Campsite situated on Lake Manitou - a really nice campsite - mostly summer residences ( trailers) - nice entrance way


Today was a celebration of National Bagpipe Day for Jim ( he is a bagpipe player and is member of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa -


Being Saturday night , the weekly "Washers" tournament was taking place in the field across from our campsite.

- an interesting game - variation of horseshoes but very mobile and played with large washers that you toss into a box with a upright water line pipe in the middle - points scored for landing the box and higher points for landing in the pipe.

We were gallery crew today - we had sate - pork tenderloin marinated overnight and cooked & served on rice - served with spinach salad with all the fixings (bacon (real) , bacon fat in the dressing, mushrooms, toasted slivered almonds etc ) - a recipe I got ( from Gail) that comes from the Best of Bridge Cookbooks. A real success - totally devoured - no leftovers!! And for the non pork eaters there was tofu marinated the same way and spinach salad without the bacon & drippings.

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