A most unusual Flea Market in Piedmont, S.D.

They have a lot of elk items..

Fish items too..

How about a gator with antlers..:-)

Buffalo tails and more...

Bear heads and more...


More buffalo parts..


Cool rugs...

Grab bags and boxes..

Badgers too...



Normal stuff too...:-)

A cool sign, "we don't dial 911".... :-)

More unusual items...

Cool canes..

Bottles too...

Last one!

We visited one of the most unusual Flea Markets, it is located off of Interstate 90 in Piedmont, South Dakota on High Planes Place. We saw it while riding by and had to make a quick stop. We didn’t purchase anything but we certainly enjoyed looking at all the unusual items for sale.

They had everything you can think of from elk antlers, burrs, bear legs and heads and elk jaws. The only item I would have loved was the sheepskin rugs if I had a huge fireplace to put it in front of. They also had grab bags for sale for $5. I can only imagine what might be in those. :-) They had mounted heads of all types, even alligators with antlers. Jerry Junior tried on a hat made from a skunks hide. Yikes!

If you are looking for anything unusual involving animals, this is the place to stop. One of my favorite items was a sign with a gun saying “we don’t call 911”. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from South Dakota.

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