A private "backyard" pond Dave was invited to go fish, how could...

Ron Forness of North Dakota caught this monster largemouth

Ron and Dave were the only ones who caught fish that trip,...

By the way, for those of you who are not RV'rs and following our travel around the country, Thousand Trails NACO system refers to the parks/resorts as "preserves". Their policy is to "preserve" the land and wildlife on all their properties. So you won't see bulldozed trees or "hunting OK" signs on their places. They manage the preserves well and almost all that we've been to have a natural feel about them. I/we have been remiss about referring several times to the place we've been as resorts, they're not. We'll from here on out as preserves.

This is one of our favorite preserves for many reasons some of which are the many activities going on year round, the fishing has always been good for us, the boat docks aren’t crowded and the town of Conroe is close to but not in the middle of Houston’s hustle and bustle. We arrived in a driving rain, after setting up Dave washed the coach and let the rain rinse it off. So far, each time we’ve come here it’s been during a rain. Then the weather turns just right for us.

Dave was eager to get the Porta-Bote assembled and tied up at the docks ready for the first day of fishing. On our first day out in the boat we weren’t disappointed. Of course, Rebecca caught the first fish, as she always does, a very nice 16 inch largemouth bass. If was about 2 hours later that Dave landed his first fish on this trip to Lake Conroe. The next day we went out to fish for crappie and landed two medium catfish instead. Dave linked up with a friend who taught him to catch bass last year. Jerry took him out in his bass boat and refined Dave’s technique once more. A couple more fishing trips put more fish in the refrigerator. Friends Jerry and Judy linked up with us several mornings for our walks, it was nice to walk and talk. Dave has been wanting to build up the inventory of rods for display and sale at arts and crafts shows. While we’ve been here Dave finished 4 fishing rods, 2 spinning and 2 casting rods. He has 1 more casting rod to make then take a small break before starting on 5 fly rods. All turned out perfect, naturally and will make the future owner proud to fish with them.

This preserve has a unique opportunity for RV’rs. They has developed a small community, Hidden Cove, in which you can lease a space and buy a VERY nice park model home to place on it. The park models are made here in TX and are about 400 sq. ft. with all the amenities for about $70K. We sat through the sales presentation and took serious look at the offering. In the end, we decided that as popular as this idea might be with others, it’s not for us. We always say, “We’re in love with the road”. We don’t want to settle down yet, we haven’t seen the country yet, much less two or three times. For more info about these park models and the community go to:

www.thousandtrails.com/lakeconroe and www.athensparkhomes.com

We spent thanksgiving with about 180 RV friends. The Conroe preserve staff put on a nice dinner for anyone that signedup. For the mere cost of $3, they furnished copious turkey, dressing and rolls, attendees brought a side-dish and/or dessert.

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