The entrance to the preserve

Just passed the entrance is this turkey to greet you.

Some of our neighborhood.

Our setup, very nice. . .

Our setup, under three big ol' pecan trees

A tangerine tree near the activity center, well picked but still many...

One of the fields with deer feeding here, they're fun to watch.

A few of the deer on the preserve.

See the black birds in that tree? What are they?

They're vultures, they roost in the trees throughout the preserve each night.

Can you spot the "big buck" going into the woods.

One morning we saw the grass had morning dew shining, peaceful.

the view out our window, pecan trees soooo big and about 200...

A unique ocurrance Moon, Jupiter and Mars closeby, next time this happens...

More of our neighborhood.

Today new decorations appeared

Turkey is gone, Snow Bear in his place on the wagon

Notice how close these deer are to our pickup, 60 - 80...

We call this the "bluetank" shuffle.

This is what is done at the dump station with the Bluetank".

Taking the bluetank back for another load.

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Follow up about our beloved Chewy. We want to thank all you who wrote so kindly about our loss of the beloved Chewy. He only missed one move, as his ash box is with us now and he can once again travel with us.

This preserve is also one of our favorites, not because of activities but the lack thereof. This is nice place to come and relax, takes quiet walks, watch and feed the deer. It’s a small preserve and not many spaces (125) by TTN standards but it’s beautiful. It has many 200 year old pecan trees, three of which we parked under during our stay this time. Dave caught the moon and two planets (Jupiter and Mars) shining one evening during sunset time, this event won’t happen till 2059 again.

While here Dave wanted to attend the monthly meeting of the Texas Rod Builders (TRB) club. It’s held on the third Sat 2:00 p.m. at one of the Fishing Tackle Unlimited store’s. TRB is a new rod building club, started last spring and currently has 39 members and growing. Growth was stymied by the effects of hurricane Ike since most of the members live along the gulf coast and had damage to their homes and businesses.

We took the plunge, diving out of the 20th century into the 21st again. Our slow conversion to modern living this time was changing out our old TV with a small (19”) new HDTV and fitting it with a VCR/DVD combo box and a Wii game box. We were introduced to Wii by Paul and Jenna (son/daughter-in-law) and loved the idea of it ever since. But with their popularity it’s been hard to find a Wii until now. Oh and YES we do still have some VHS tapes ! Like I said, we’re coming into the 21st century slow. Now Dave’s big project will be anchoring all this equipment down so it’ll travel without falling. We read and follow the notion that the coach goes through a constant Richter 7 scale quake with each move. So things like TV’s and other breakables have to be anchored well.

Our washing machine has been going, going and now is a gonner! We'd hoped a local appliance shop here would be able to fix it, but can't even schedule it til the 18th of Dec. Dave knows what is wrong with it but doesn't have the skill to take it apart as far as it needs to be and put in the new bearings. We'll try another appliance store at our next stop. This turn of events, leaves Rebecca to washing at the laundry then bring wet clothes back to the coach for drying in our machine.

For those who don't know how we RV'rs deal with waste water when we don't have sewer hookups. We call it the "bluetank shuffle". Our blue tank is about 18 gallons, so it's something Dave has to tend to every few days. Here's pics of how it's done. Enjoy !

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