Nice big signs direct you along the street to the park!

Nice wide streets and a nice office with personable staff to greet...

The park sits on Civil War battle grounds. One of two monuments...

The sign between cannon, tells the story.

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All the business of Atlanta is done so on we go for the fall color scene. It was an easy 115 mile drive to the south end of Chattanooga, TN. We read this park was a nice one, and that it has won several awards. Sure enough it's a class act and we recommend it to all our friends traveling along the I-75 corridor. From the time staff answers the phone through check-in and (we presume) check out all is good. Cable TV is included in the price! We like that due to the fact that we don't have a dish system, as many RV'rs do. For mor info about this park goto: www.chattacamp.com

By the way, tropical storm Gustav is raising havoc along the east coast where we were just 10 days ago, Charleston, Wilmington, Norfolk, Hampton we're glad to be inland! One of the reasons having wheel under your home is a GOOD THING!

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