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Our apartment is still coming along. Ours is about done still waiting on kitchen cabinets to come in. Linda is having a island for the kitchen made and we are suppose to pick it up Saturday.

We are still in the process of getting the building repaired so it can be painted. The rest of the apartments are finally rented out. We have a realstate company managing them for us and that doesn't seem to be working out. I believe we could do just as good handling it by phone on the road. We are more hands on owners. We had the duplex rented before we were completely moved out.

We have really been enjoying the river and park. They have had alot of activites since we have moved. The river has been busy busy. Lewis and Clark expidition is camping at the park for 2 days.

We are having more company than we've had in years. More friends have found out that we have moved so when they come to the park they look and see if we are out on the deck. We are always glad to invite them in.

The weather has been great Temps in the low 80's. I hope it holds out tell all the work is done. It's slow going becuase everyone working on it have full time jobs.

My sister and I are having sofic's and gutters put on dad's house right now. We are also having all the windows replaced.

So there has been a whole lot happening here. But the way time flys it won't be long before we will be on the road.

And if this is a dream "DON'T WAKE ME UP"

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