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Tammy's & Bird's new house


our building 2011




Getting the furniture moved was the move. But it's all of that other stuff that has to be done afterwards is what gets me. Hanging curtains, pictures and other stuff on the walls. Finding a place for and organizing all the stuff. Linda's craft room my basement and garage it seems never ending.

I purchased a live animal trap and so far caught 1 cat, 1 kitten and 2 little possums and a big raccoon. The cats go to the animal shelter and the possums, raccoons get relocated to another area. One of the renters that we had to evict was called the crazy cat lady and the name explains it all. Cats were everywhere she feed them under the deck and during the heat of summer it smelled like cat waste.

I went with (Chad) a friend to Figure 8 racing in Clarksville Indiana. It had been years since I had been. I would take the grandsons when they were small. It brought back memories of how much of a redneck event it is. After 2 intentional wrecks a fight broke out on the track with maybe 10 people invovled. Next a fight started in the stands across from us. The cussing was loud and furious. I hate to say this but it was a good time. I do have to say that we were not involved in the fighting or the cussing.

We have really been enjoying the deck and the river. We have had several people stop by and set with us. It just keeps suprising us with how many come down to the river and city park. Barge traffic is really heavy which means that the economy is good

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