The view out our window on the sunlit mornings watching wildlife.

Sunrise over Lake Texoma, the fishing's gonna be great!

It's a big lake, this is just one of the bays.

After three days of high winds we finally got a smooth lake...

Our little boat is dwarfed by the dock, but we like it...

We saw this big "Indian" next to a truck stop near Ketchum...

The drive from Pelicans Landing at Ketchum, OK to Lake Texoma Thousand Trails was a long one, more than we usually like to drive, 330 miles. We’re more comfortable with less than 250, however, circumstances dictated that we drive the extra miles to get here.

We found the park to be very nice, very large with good amenities and the buildings in good shape. More importantly, we found the boat dock on this beautiful lake to be just as we’d pictured it to be. The lake is huge, at more than 89,000 acres, it’s America’s premiere striped bass fishery! We were anxious to get out on the lake and catch some of them. With a check at acouple of the bait stores we bought what we needed to succeed and our resident annual Texas fishing licenses. We fished for four days, several hours each morning and several hours each evening. I don’t know what in the world the stripers are thinking but we caught and landed 3 puny 10 inch guys in all that time on the lake! Uuugghhhh! We threw everything at them in every way possible. We’ve heard of and seen pictures of monster stripers here, I don’t believe the stories now. As we say in this business, “the fishing was great but the catching stunk!”

Not too many pictures of this beautiful park, as we’d spent too much time fishin and not much time snappin pics. We met a couple, two doors down from us and fast became friends. They are from Texas and live in the Livingston area for some of the year, but travel the rest of the year. It’s a nice thing when you “connect” with people out here, kinda like old neighbors meeting up again. This is one of those parks we’ll be coming back to again and again.

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