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Well we made it home around 3pm yesterday and we Thank The Lord. Traffic is crazy especially when you get around a city like Atlanta Ga., Chattanooga Tenn. It appears that 80 mph is the minimin speed on Interstates out on the open road and also in city's. It seems that you drive as fast as you can until someone gets in yout way. Then you jump back and forth switching lanes until you can put the pedal to the medal again.

With my study of drivers around the country in our travels. Washington DC still is number 1 best drivers at a high rate of speed. Rush hour out of DC is like this they have 2 or more car lenghts in front of them. They are not switching lanes trying to get another 10 foot advantage on the driver in front of them. It looks like a system that works which is hard to believe coming out of our Capital. But the people leaving DC are probably not the law makers. Becuase these people seem to have some sense.

I guess that just shows how alot of us as Americans are. You go wide open until someone gets in your way then you run over them or jump around until you can pass them or mainly don't get in my way. I'm doing what I want to do and you can't stop me.

The good thing is our travels with the truck and trailer is we don't notice the crazy driving as much. We are pretty big close to 50 ft and if they see us they know how old we are so they try to give us plenty of room.

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