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Aboriginal art in Darwin Central

Aboriginees having a rest in the shade

"The claypot water bearer" Darwin and Kalymos (Greece) sister cities

The story behind it

Old house in central Darwin

The bombing of Darwin - 19'Th of February 1942

Ruins of the old town hall

Ruins of a doorway

Nature re-claiming the wall

Northern Territory Supreme Court

Asian guy fishing for prawn near a sewage outlet...

Industrial whaf

WW2 Tunnels - Oil fuel installations

Secret bomb-proof tunnels

Beautiful mosaic

The story behind it

Waves in the air

Survivors lookout

WW2 Memorial

Govenors House

Darwin, a warm and humid town.

That's got to be my main first impression, the heat is so intense it's almost choking. Luckily there's air condition in my dorm so I do get some sleep at night, otherwise it wouldn't be much fun at all.

But there's more to Darwin than the heat, the town (or military base as it was) got bombed in the Second World War as the first Japanese hit on Australian soil, and caught the allied forces completely off guard - just like Pearl Harbour. It was even the very same strike force that took out Darwin and killed 292 people and 21 Naval ships, only they dropped more than twice as many bombs over Darwin... After the initial attack a second bomber air raid took out the RAAF base.

After the attack the sky was patrolled for some time until the allied took the war to the enemy.

The main purpose for tourists to go to Darwin is to experience Kakadu National Park, but because of extensive flooding in some areas the Northern Territory is actually in a "state of emergency". I hope the water levels drop soon so I get to see the park before I leave for Singapore on the 15'Th of April.

That's really it, stay in touch :-)



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