Adam and Katie's great adventure 2017 travel blog

The drive to Wanaka

The travelator Adam fell down in!

The view from the ski resort!

Trying our hand at skiing!

Skiing with Abi and Tim

The campervan

After a long drive down to near Wanaka, we stayed in a lovely Airbnb before getting up very early for a day of skiing at the Cardrona ski resort. We were accompanied by two friends who we met in Australia and have met up with a number of times since.

We booked onto a group lesson in the morning as neither of us have skied for a very long time (Katie has skied at the Tamworth snowdome and I skied once in China on fake snow about 10 years ago). We were both a little nervous when we arrived but fortunately the lesson was well organised and we remembered a little of what we had learned in the past. We learned how to snow plough to slow down and also a little about how to turn. I have notoriously bad balance and managed to lose one of my poles and almost fall down on the ski travelator. Rather embarrassing given it had to stop for a minute whilst they collected the pole.

After lunch we decided to head to the beginner slopes to try out what we have learned. Our friends also joined us for this. It was rather fortunate they did join us (and they were good at skiing) as the 'beginner' run we chose started with a very steep slope which flattened out after a while into a more manageable run. The views from the top of the mountain were unreal with snowy mountains visible for miles all around us.

Feeling a little more confident we decided to try a different beginner route. We went up the Chondola (a chairlift gondola) and began the run which started out flat and very enjoyable. However, as we passed the point of no return the run suddenly turned very steep and very long. Unfortunately this run was probably not suited to actual beginners (despite it being a beginner run) and Katie was forced to stop half way down the slope as she didn't feel confident continuing. As the time passed we realised that there were fewer and fewer people on the slopes. Katie spent more time deciding how she wanted to get down the mountain (ski or walk) and falling down than actually skiing down the mountain that when we saw one of the staff taking down the flags for the day we realised we were now the last people on the slopes. To make matters worse we knew when we got to the bottom of the slope we would have to take a chairlift up to the top and do another run to get back to the main base.

That member of staff took particular pity on Katie and helped to get her down to the bottom of the mountain. Once we got back in the chairlift to the top Katie's confidence was gone and as a result (and given the staff probably wanted to get home before midnight) Katie managed to get a free snow mobile ride all the way down to the bottom.

It was certainly an interesting day to say the least and possibly the last time we go skiing for a while!!

That evening we stayed with our friends in their campervan. We drove to a place called Diamond Lake where we were essentially the only campervan. On this clear night the skies were so dark and beautiful and we could see hundreds of stars. We can now safely tick glamping off our list of things to do.

After a few beers we went to bed in our super cosy raised bed and waited for the inevitable pain we knew would come from our aching muscles in the morning.

Unfortunately we didn't get much sleep that night as Katie was sick in the middle of it... We think it had something to do with the fact that she ate some cheese which we bought back in Christchurch and had been in the warmth ever since... I hate to say I told her so...

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