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Carpe Diem at Lake Charles Wal*Mart

Playing in traffic—Houston style

Playing in traffic—Houston style

Construction on I 10 east of Houston
Hey guys, that's kinda tight...

There are 881 of these on I 10 in Texas!

Entering Louisiana on I 10

West of Lake Charles we take the bypass

Crossing Lake Charles on I 210 bypass

Sat, 16 Dec.: Continuing east...

After six days at the Thousand Trails Colorado River park in Columbus Texas we're back on the road. The R&R was most welcome, we slept in till eight or later almost every morning. That was most welcome.

But, all good things must come to an end, and we still have more than 1,200 miles to go. So, we awoke this morning and got out of bed around daybreak. Following breakfast and getting things ready for the road, Sandi pulled out of our site and we got the car connected. Brake & light checks OK we rolled wheels about 0845.

Once out of the park we picked up TX 71 south to I 10 east. Traffic wasn't too bad, but as we continued east toward Katy it got heavier and heavier. By the time we reached the western Houston "burbs" all lanes were humming and it required Sandi's full attention to keep Carpe in her lane and away from all the vehicles scurrying about willy-nilly..

After what seemed to be hours and hours we finally emerged at the east end of town and pulled into a Buc-ee's in Baytown. Diesel was $2.36/gallon, a very good price. After topping up Carpe Diem's tank we repositioned ourselves so we could also fill our tow car, Carpe Dinkum, at $1.89/gallon for regular gasoline.

Bob took the helm at this point and continued another hundred miles to the Louisiana border. Poor Bob, he got all the construction zones, of which there were many. At mile marker 881 we finally crossed the Sabine River and entered Louisiana. Yes, Texas is a big state, I 10 runs 881 miles from New Mexico east to Louisiana.

Once in Louisiana we encountered a brief slowdown in an area where they were stringing power lines and periodically shutting down the Interstate. We didn't encounter a shutdown, just some slow traffic. West of Lake Charles we left I 10 for I 210, the Lake Charles Bypass. Four miles later we exited the Bypass and found a spot for the nite in the Wal*Mart parking lot.

Today's drive was 223 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅕ mpg. The weather started out heavily overcast but it was bright and sunny when we called it a day.

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