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States visited in Winnie since 2008

Today's route

Pedestals at Salisbury Beach

Another dramatic sunset at Salisbury Beach

The vertical

A skull along I395

Porter Pond Rd on the way to Circle C Campground

Winnie in Site A16 at Circle C

We finally added Connecticut to our travel map today. It's hard to believe that after 8 years of travel, we've never slept (our criterion for adding a state to the map) in Connecticut. We passed through at least 4 times, but never stopped.

We left the coast and travelled inland to the east central part of the state. I had a heck of a time trying to find a campground for Labor Day weekend. It seemed like Saturday and Sunday were booked everywhere on the coast. As it turns out, it looks like it may be a good idea to stay off the coast this weekend as TS Hermine looks like its going to park in the New York Bight for a couple of days and and make condition on the coast windy and wet. The latest track looks like it may bring rain to inland CT. After sitting out TS Bill on the Gulf Coast of Texas last summer, we never want to live through that again.

Not only did I have a hard time getting a campground, we had a hard time finding this one. It's another GPS story. I entered the address of the campground and as we got closer, the route selected by the GPS looked like it was going to take us 10 or 15 miles out of the way. I used my iPhone and it plotted a more direct route, now the only question was if there was any thing along the route picked by Apple Maps that would prevent a 20,000 lb., 11' 6" vehicle from passing since you can't enter that information into Apple Maps. When we got to the turn that would lead us directly to the campground, there was some road construction on the corner that didn't allow us to make the turn. After driving several miles past, I decided to call the campground for some help with directions (I know not a particularly male thing to do). The route they gave me over the phone really looked sketchy once we turned onto Porter Pond Road that they said would lead us to Bailey Road where the campground is located. It was narrow (barely wide enough for Winnie) and winding through the woods. I think I know why the Garmin GPS picked the route it did, but once making the turn, we were committed as there would be no place to turn around. The picture I posted is typical of the route to the campground. We were surprised that we could be so far out in the country in eastern Connecticut. The picture I had in my mind of the state is what you see along the highly urbanized I95 corridor. I guess it's like what most people think of NJ if they only travel the NJ Turnpike or pass through Delaware on I95. What a pleasant surprise. We finally made it to Circle C. Our site in the Circle C Campground is so far back in the campground we almost drove to another state, it's about 400 ft. from the CT/RI state line.

We'll be here for a week before moving to state 48, Rhode Island. I haven't done any research on the area so I'm not sure what we'll be doing this week, but we're not too far from places like Mystic, Old Saybrook, and New London near the coast. Stay tuned.

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