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We will be heading out this morning (if this front ever moves on through) with our first stop near Quincy, FL in the Florida panhandle. We will spend two nights there to make sure all systems are in order before continuing on April 4. This storm will probably delay our departure about three hours until almost noon. If you click on the Itinerary button in the upper-right corner of the trip home page, you can see a detailed listing of our planned stops. Of course, they are subject to change as we encounter different circumstances than we expected when planning the trip. A good many of them are already reserved so there shouldn't be many changes though.

Our time at home this year has passed very fast. Both of us have had cataract surgery in both eyes so we can now see what we are looking at!! The surgery itself has become very easy for the person receiving it - no more sandbags to keep your head still for days in a hospital. A simple 15 minute procedure (that actually takes about fours including pre-op and recovery) and you are on you way home from the day surgery center. The biggest hassle is the multitude of doctor's appointments required along with the perpetual eye drops for weeks at a time. You have the initial exam for eye testing and to set up the surgeries then, for each eye, you have the surgery and two post-op appointments within a weeks time. Two weeks after the first, the surgery on the other eye and its two post-ops. Then there is a final post-op 4-6 weeks after the second eye's surgery to get your new prescription, if necessary, and make sure the eyes are healing correctly. So for each of us there were two surgeries and six more appointments over a two month period to get it all done. I had my first eye done on December 21 and Doris had her last appointment March 15. It was a very, very busy three months!

We both can see so much better now! Your vision degradation is so slow you don't realize how bad it is getting. More amazing, you don't realize how much the cataracts have changed your perception of colors as it gives a yellow cast to everything, again so gradually you don't realize it's happening. At any rate, it's a brand new world for us now and we are ready to explore this beautiful country of ours some more!

Join us as we head for the west coast again and the cooler climate of the Pacific Northwest. We will revisit many of the areas we have been to in the past and also visit a few new ones.

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