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visitor center is example of what the old houses looked like

I found this diorama to show to the others

I love the symbol - would buy something with that on it!

a fern tree!

new fern leaves coming out from center of tree

volunteers from University of Costa Rica are weeding the stone entrance to...

The entranceway is long - lots of work to do!

must have been teh center of the village

closer look at Plaza Mayor

Maybe this was the central hub!

dry aqueduct

we found the home of a bunch of leaf cutter ants

we followed their trail and looked back to see the rest of...

first pool of water into the aqueduct

ant hill!

another hummer

butterfly - blue morphos are pretty but couldn't get them

reminds me of colorful jack in pulpits

that's as tall as I am!

katydids have weird heads!

now there's an ant hill!

those black things in center are army ants

different bug

a bird sighting!

one more showing the view from the balcony

little ham!

one more of hummers near a feeder

This morning we went to the ancient village of Guayabo, a national monument since 1963. It was home to indigenous people of Turrialba from almost 2000 years ago. Their homes' foundations, walking paths, and aqueduct were built with stones and rocks from the nearby volcano. The booklet we got for the trip said we would see petroglyphs and tombs, but I didn't see any of those. We walked the short path in the park, not the long one and maybe that's why. The aqueduct still functions, although we didn't see water running from the entry pool down to the other pool - dry season.

We had the afternoon toourselves, so Joan, Karen, and I walked yesterday's path into the woods to see what we could find. We did see those army ants and stepped over them with lots of room on either side of their column to not disturb them. We found butterflies and small bugs and such, but no great bird sightings. Karen keeps a list of everything the group has seen or heard and others keep their own life lists. She will be sharing that once she organizes it for us.

Some went back down to the hummingbird pools later in the day, but I stayed behind because of sore, blistered feet! I wore hiking boots instead of the sneakers I usually wear. figures!

After dinner, Lisa and Mario, the owners, came out and talked with us for awhile. Lisa is from Texas, but has been living here for almost 20 years. Mario is a native. We learned how they came to own the hotel and built it up, how they grow their own vegetables and raise the livestock they serve to us, and how business has been over the past few years - good because of word of mouth by birders like us! They put on some music and did a salsa dance for us! Good people!

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