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Ogalalla to North Platte, NE.

Cute barn

New Time Zone

Some "local color"

Farm Storage

The Tree City

Beautiful yellow fields of sunflowers

Interesting railroad equipment

Lots of corn fields

Local produce plant

Simplot Co.

Our camp on Buffalo Bill's Ranch

So peaceful

One of our neighbors

Family camped on sandbar

Pretty grasses along the water

We enjoyed sitting on this hand carved bench by the river

Our spacious, green camp spot

We are off to the city of North Platte, taking the local highway 30 that paralleled the Interstate and the North Platte River. We weren’t in a hurry and always want to see the local color instead of just interstate concrete.

There were lots of farms with pretty red barns, and huge farm storage buildings. We saw a cute purple farmhouse painted with flowers (see . . . local color)

We crossed into another time zone today, and learned that Sutherland, NE was Tree City USA. We saw some interesting huge farm equipment and saw the Simplot Co Plant. I had to look that up on my smart phone because I was curious. Interesting company. Also saw them in Idaho, the main company.

"Simplot Retail, a division of the J.R. Simplot Corporation, is one of North America’s largest privately held food and agribusiness companies. With an 87 year legacy in the potato and vegetable processing business, Simplot has serviced many of the largest restaurant chains and brand names in the world. Simplot has annual revenues of approximately $4.5 billion with products sold throughout the world."

Our campground is on the property of Buffalo Bill Ranch along the river. It was peaceful and cool along the river with pretty grasses growing along the banks. As we walked around we saw an unusual camper and pickup truck bed made into a pull behind trailer. It was pulled by a car. Then we saw a family tent camping on a sandbar that went out into the river. It was cooler out there on the water. We sat on a hand carved wooden bench and enjoyed the light breeze and the sights and sounds of the river.

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