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Leaving our first caravan park in Kununurra - nice waterfront spot

Sal and Tan catching up poolside on all the dramas they'd encountered

Alice and Pip happy to be hanging out with Larissa again

Lunch at Turkey Creek roadhouse...

... watched keenly by some of the locals

Last light (and first star) at Mary Pool rest area

Chicken burgers by starlight

A section of the lovely rest area


It's probably true of us in general that even when we try to plan and be organised we don't do too well, and so in many ways this trip is suiting us really well!

After two nights in Kununurra when we hadn't intended spending any nights there, we ended up staying for a third ... in a different caravan park. We were packing up on Tuesday morning, ready to start the two or three day trek across to Broome when we received a text from Kev and Tania Parkyn (our travelling buddies for 10 or so days in central Australia) saying they were in Kununurra and wondering where we might be.

This was certainly unexpected news as they were meant to be well and truly down the Gibb River Road on their way to Broome, and a quick phone call established that they'd had some major car issues and were back in Kununurra waiting for their car to be repaired. So we made the decision to stay put for another night and catch up with the Parkyns - a decision which was very popular with the kids!

In order to stay in the caravan park we were in we would have had to move sites so we decided we might as well head to the park they were in, and so our third night was spent in Kymberleyland! We had a lovely day of catching up - the kids doing plenty of swimming and us listening with amazement to the car dramas they've had (and are still trying to sort out), while still managing to complete the Gibb River Road (in a hire car, which also had its issues!)

This morning we did finally hit the road again, travelling the Great Northern Highway for a little under 500 km, as far as Mary Pool free campsite. Given that we didn't get away too quickly today, and the time zone factor, when we pulled in at 5.30 it was just after sunset, and we used the last light to set up camp. It had been fairly constant driving with a stop at Turkey Creek for lunch and then at Hall's Creek for fuel. Those two places were probably the only signs of habitation along that stretch of road - it certainly feels fairly remote; or it would if not for all the other campers when you pull up for the night. We saw more striking rocky outcrops and ranges along the way (these seem very much a part of almost any drive for the past five or six weeks now) and plenty of the iconic Boab trees.

An interesting change today occurred in the seating arrangement in the car. Will and Alice have swapped places, with Alice now in the back row by herself. It might sound minor but of course it involves swapping all the books and pencils and other paraphernalia. It is particularly interesting because as of last night they also agreed to swap sleeping spots in Old Bess. Not sure what it all signifies ...!

Dinner tonight was chicken burgers, cooked outside on the Weber, and eaten in the dark - there were too many bugs around to have lights on. The magnificent clear skies, full of the Milky Way led to some great family discussion about shooting stars and eclipses and spiral galaxies (I'm not sure that my plate analogy worked all that well!) and reflection on how majestic God is. A really nice way to finish the day together.

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