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Carpe at "Davila's RV Park"
We are so fortunate to have friends willing...

Driving Michigan 115 south of Traverse City

Our trip took us thru Cadillac

Near Clare we transitioned to US 10

Interstate 75 was closed near Saginaw

Nearing Davila's home
Domingo escorted us thru Saginaw

Mesquite wood smoke portends great BBQ

Dinner with Jerri, Mike, Carmen, & Domingo @ Luckys
Photo courtesy of Jerri...

Bob scrubs Carpe's roof

Sandi attacks the buggy windshield

Out damn spot...

Fri, 30 Aug: A short and thoroughly enjoyable travel day...

As we anticipated, the weekend campers started arriving for the long holiday. They bring many kids, dogs, and (for some reason that totally escapes us) smokey campfires. Will someone please explain why folks find it necessary to have a campfire when the temperature is in the eighties?

Anyway, we had a very enjoyable week visiting Kampvilla, but it was time to leave it for the weekenders. We weren't, however, in too much of a rush as we didn't roll wheels until well after nine—a late start for us.

Our route took us north on US 31 a few miles to County Line Road (CR 604) where we headed east to intersect Michigan 115. M115 took us south thru beautiful country and lovely small towns. We even skirted the west side of Cadillac, a town we haven't visited for many years.

South of Clare we transitioned to US 10 eastbound. US 10 is a lovely divided highway at this point and took us thru Midland (we lived in Midland from '93-'96) to Interstate 75 west of Bay City. I 75 south to Saginaw and there we were—or so we thought...

Once on I 75 we saw the signs advising that the Interstate was closed and we would have to use I 675 thru Saginaw as our detour. We've been in Saginaw many times, but we weren't all that familiar with the best route thru town for a large RV. So, since it was lunchtime we elected to stop at a rest area north of the detour, sate our appetite and consider alternatives.

It turned out that we decided to call Domingo and ask his advice. Well, Domingo asked us where we were, and when we told him he advised us that he just passed the rest area northbound and he'd turn around and confer with us in person. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later he pulled in behind us and we discussed the best route thru town.

We fired up the engine and followed Domingo out of the rest area. But, instead of continuing his errand he led us all the way thru town right to his home. Have we mentioned lately what great friends we have???

So, as this is written we are settled into the Davilas for the Labor Day holiday. We hope to visit with many of our Tri-City friends (we lived in the Bay City/Saginaw/Midland area from '93 to '99 and count many folks that live here as friends.

Today's trip was an easy 160 mile run that took us just shy of four hours. That approaches the stately 37½ mph average that our heros Ken & Joan Tarkin strive to maintain during their road days. We're not there yet, but we're working on it...

Fri, 06 Jun: Wow, where has the week gone? Why are we still in Saginaw? Two questions with the same answer; because we're having too much fun!!!

We've been parked in Carmen & Domingo's driveway since last Friday and the time she has flew. To say that we're really enjoying ourselves would be an understatement. To say that we're being spoiled also understates reality.

We've been eating, visiting (which generally entails eating), and generally having a blast. We'll try to encapsulate our week in as few words as possible.

Labor Day weekend was spent visiting with the Davila's family, kiddies and grand kiddies. Ranging from grown up to "almost four-year-old" little Domingo (the apple of his grandpa's eye.) Labor Day was a BBQ with eighteen or so folks enjoying Domingo's delish ribs, brisket, pups, brats, and burgers. Friends Dan & Pat joined in mostly to provide some adult supervision.

On Sunday evening we met Ron & Pat View for dinner and then retired to their Bay City home for gabbing and yuks. We haven't seen the Views for fourteen years so it was a blast catching up.

Wednesday we (actually, Domingo) drove to Gaylord to meet with Beach & Trudy Day for lunch. We'd seen Beach a few years back but it's also been fourteen years since we got a Trudy hug. Despite very hard wood seats we were really reluctant to get up and leave.

That evening we met Jerri Smith and Mike Skowronski for dinner in Bay City. As always it was fantastic to visit with them.

Yesterday we washed the coach. Poor Carpe had not been bathed since April so she really needed some TLC. We tend to forget just how much surface a 40' motorhome can have... Sore arms and shoulders all around.

During the week we were faced with a couple of minor maintenance matters that we resolved thanks to Domingo's skill (and well equipped toolbox). First off one of the two latches that holds the battery compartment door closed broke. We were able to buy a new latch at nearby General RV and got it installed. Thanks to Domingo for having a pop rivet kit.

Yesterday the hot water heater would not lite on propane. We also noticed that the water pump was cycling when we weren't using water. When we opened the water heater compartment to check things out both problems were facing us. The overpressure relief valve was leaking (hence the pump cycling) right onto the water heater gas igniter (hence no fire). A replacement valve from Home Depot solved both issues, but first we needed a huge monkey wrench to remove the old valve. Thanks again Domingo.

We had originally planned to leave today but some household matters made it more prudent to stay put and get them resolved while we had good computer connectivity. Bob is mostly finished as this is written so we will probably head out tomorrow. Destination??? Still undecided, but we're leaning toward heading north toward Mackinac City. Stay tuned...

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