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Quartzsite only gets about four inches of rain a year. When we were here two weeks ago for the RV show it rained hard for an entire day. And now that we are here again we spent another day RV-bound while it rained again. Bad karma.

When we went to "town" it was amazing how empty it all was now that the RV show is over. And yet there are still plenty of rigs around here and there all over the desert. And I continue to wonder why. Maybe if we were pressed a lot harder for funds, we would appreciate being able to camp in the desert for free, but once you are here, there is little to do but exist.

Of course, being here with a group at an informal rally generates activity and conversation. Most of the other campers are very new to the biz. One couple sold their home and began full timing ten days ago. These newbies are thrilled and excited no matter where they are. It's all new and fun.

Howard, the rally leader, gave a talk today about battery management to the group, sitting around him in the sunshine on lawn chairs. In a campground plugged in, we give little thought to our "house" batteries, but when we depend on them for heat, light, refrigeration, etc. they suddenly get our undivided attention. The subject is quite complicated. Some rigs have inverters; some have converters; some have both. Some have energy management systems; other folks buy external ones to verify that the electric pedestals are wired correctly and protect their equipment from power surges. Inadequate power can also harm appliances. Some batteries have to be checked regularly to insure that they have enough water in each cell; others are sealed and maintenance free. Yadda, yadda, yadda. We have learned about all these things gradually as we purchased more and more sophisticated rigs, but some of these folks have a lot to learn all at once. One couple has run out of electricity every night so far and don't know why. Perhaps they will be better off sticking to campgrounds.

After all that learning we enjoyed each other's company at a potluck. It's always amazing to taste how much great food comes out of these RV's, especially when they are boon docked. Then we went to town to see a performance of Bernie & Red. We've seen this couple a number of times in the Rio Grande Valley and were so glad to see they were here. They are decent singers, but their act is really comedy based and they have lots of jokes about the RV lifestyle. We could have used them at our battery lecture.

Dinner and a show. Life is good.

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