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Quartzsite, AZ - Ameri-can Trails RV Park - Site 83

Quartzsite, AZ - Ameri-can Trails RV Park - Site 83, another view

Quartzsite, AZ - Ameri-can Trails RV Park - Out of season -...

Silly Al's Pizza where we had very tasty lasagna for our anniversary...

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 0 - our route - 139 miles

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 1 - more pretty sound barriers as we...

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 2 - corn fields in the desert!!!

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 3 - it's amazing how these mountains seem...

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 4

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 5 - a dirt devil

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 6

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 7 - Quartzsite in the valley, middle, left

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 8 - entering Quartzsite

Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ 9 - the requisite initial on the mountainside

BLM LTVA 1 - The water for sale just outside the LTVA

BLM LTVA 2 - entering the LTVA - just miles and miles...

BLM LTVA 3 - a fire ring built by one of the...

BLM LTVA 4 - more and more of nothing - just imagine...

BLM LTVA 5 - another fire ring

BLM LTVA 6 - this one gives you a sense of the...

The trip from Phoenix to Quartzsite, AZ was essentially 139 miles of driving through the desert on the interstate. It was a short drive and the highway was in pretty good condition except for about 20 miles on I-10. We arrived at about 12:30 in quartzsite to 95° temps. The RV Park I had planned on staying in was closed, as was about 80% of the rest of them. I am glad I had researched the many RV Parks so I had second and third choices if necessary.

We are staying at the Ameri-Can Trails RV Park which is a nice park and completely empty except for one or two permanents that haven't left for the Summer yet. We have a 50-amp, full hookup site with no trees so the satellite was easy and Verizon was also very strong.

Soon after arriving we headed out for our 45th anniversary dinner. I proposed at an Italian restaurant and our rehearsal dinner was at an Italian restaurant. That necessitates us eating Italian for every anniversary which is sometimes harder than others with our traveling during May every year. But never fear, Silly Al's Pizza was here and had really good lasagna!

Quartzsite is an RVer's mecca during the winter with thousands of rigs in town and the surrounding Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas. Most are in the BLM areas where they can get a seven month permit for the Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) for $180. Alternately they can purchase a 14-day permit for $40. Of course there are no amenities at all other than water and dump availability - nothing at the sites but desert land and scenery. There are also a few short-term areas such as Scadden Wash where you can park for up to 14 days in a 28 day period free. During January and February many vendors also descend on the area selling everything you could possible want (except brains maybe) and there is also a large RV show then as well.

We leave tomorrow for Joshua Tree, CA for a four night stay.

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