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Cannon on the battle field of Bull Run one

You know when you're in DC when you see the Monument

Learning about oceans at the Smithsonian

What Cole would look like as a Neanderthol

Cole On the Floor of the Natural History Museum

A model of "The Monster Boa" eating an alligator

Greetings from Washington, D.C! After visiting Manassas, the site of the Battle(s) of Bull Run One and Two we went to the state that isn’t really a state. First we visited Ford’s theater (which is where Lincoln was shot) then across the street to the boarding house where he died, which has been converted to a museum. From there we went to the Smithsonian. However, I should be more specific; there are Smithsonians then you can count! We went to the Museum of Natural History. We saw things about the ocean, about dinosaurs, even about this prehistoric snake that was 48 feet long! It was really – how should I put it? – boss. We closed the place then headed to the place were staying at. Not before a trip to A Safeway. We picked up stuff for the week. After that, we went Dc digs. We rented it from someone who lives there when they’re not renting it out, and it is crazy awesome. There’s free Wi-fi, and they even let us use their Xbox. Really coolio.


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