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Saracen Brewery

Bootleg Brewery

Millers Icecream display

Gnome attacks a Rum & Rasin...

Gracetown, by the Indian Ocean

Visiting the Berry Farm

A day of total gourmet delights with a dash of port and beer….

Started out at the Berry Factory just “down the road” from us. Very nice jams and condiments here, we bought some to try after tasting all that are on offer. Some lovely port here as well and we have a few bottles to take the edge of the last of the winter chill. The Pear Cider is very drinkable and comes in 750ml bottles one of which we polished off during Happy Hour. It must be good because even Carol had a cuppla Glasses….

Then a brief adjournment for lunch before hitting the trail again on the scent of beer and chocolate. We drove into Gracetown enroute and it’s a nice little spot.

The first 2 breweries we found were rather pretentious and expensive and didn’t sell beer in anything other than glasses so we moved on to the Bootleg Brewery. Less pretentious and more your “working mans” establishment this has a nice range of beers in varying styles.

On to the chocolate factory where we were given a ‘guided’ tasting of all the chocolates on offer. They don’t do fancy stuff here just basic good wholesome chocolate in block form. We still like the Dark Chocolate from Aldi but are running low on stocks so had to replenish our dark chocolate.

Returning via several country lanes we eventually found our afternoon tea stop at Millers. The ladies though Millers sold clothes but they sell the most scrumptious creamy Icecream superbly presented in a great range of flavours. Very smooth and creamy just like Icecream should be and sensibly priced too which is unusual in Margaret River where wine seems sold by pretence and ostentation though the BMW and Porsche drivers seem to buy nothing. I can’t understand with the number of wineries here how any of them turn a profit….

We arrived back at Camp just in time for Happy Hour which rounded out the day nicely.

Then the internet died so this is bought to you courtesy of Chicken Treat @ Dunsborough…..

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