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VW Beetle Motorhome at Pecan Grove

VW Beetle Motorhome at Pecan Grove

This morning I just had to photograph a cute, tiny motorhome that's visiting here from Colorado. It's on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis. I didn't see the owner but I think it must be a work in progress because I could see that it is filled with boxes and other stuff. Our park manager said that the man comes here a couple of times a year.

Tonight Val, Nancy and I attended a city-wide service at Great Hills Baptist, a huge church. It was a real trip just figuring out how to get to the sanctuary; we had to get directions from a greeter in the parking lot. The speaker was the pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle in New York. When we left, we went out a different door than the one where we had entered. This caused us to be disoriented and we had trouble finding Val’s car. We were searching in the wrong section of the parking lot. In the process, I tripped on a barrier and fell to my knees. Zowie kum bowie!!!! Did it ever hurt! My knees were bruised and swollen and my big toe was sore. To add insult to injury, my new shoes were scuffed. A group of Hispanic and Oriental teens rushed to my aid. They were afraid that I was badly hurt. They helped me up and then drove us to a different lot where Val’s car was. Such nice kids!

Closer to home, we stopped at McDonald’s for a snack. I tried their broiled chicken wrap, which was good.

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