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August 3 Day 42 Spragge to the Manitoulin Island, just a few k’s from the bridge. (Shequiandah)

K’s 135.62k

Time 6h 03m

Average speed: 22.40k/H

T to d 4477

Good start to the day but very humid and then the rain came again at about 20k and lasted about 3 hours. As usual rain makes for a bit tougher ride especially along a busy road like #17 which in this section as almost no shoulder. One has to be extra careful and hope the cars see you and move over a little so they don’t put you onto the gravel which just about insures you will crash. Today no incidents and we left #17 for a secondary route at Massey. After the rain stopped we had a great ride to camp.

In Massey we stopped of a lunch break. Many other riders were there or just leaving as well as a few folks that were on motor bikes. As it was still raining a bit we were all soaked to the skin and were making a bit of a mess as we dripped on the floor. The waitress was wonderful but the aging proprietor, who was mopping up was not in good humor. He was especially upset that the cushion chairs were getting wet and would take some time to dry so he was moving them to another room as riders left. He finally got so upset he banded anymore cyclists from coming in. Hospitality was his business but the term was not one he subscribed to! Solutions were simple like asking us to sit on plastic bags or some such thing but he was just pissed and that ended that. We did get an excellent bowel of soup that saw us thru to Espanola where we headed south to the Manitoulin Island. Of course we had to stop for ice cream and coffee at the Golden Arches in Espanola.

Some good hills on route to the world’s largest island surrounded by fresh water! I didn’t know that, did you? Just enough of them to hurt you enough to appreciate the flat runs!

Nice camp on the island for the evening and a bit relaxed as tomorrow the ride to Tobermory is a rather short on with a ferry departure at 1:30 pm.

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