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Fishing for steelheads in Lake Erie


Well, this morning was rather interesting. We were getting ourselves ready to leave here, not in any big rush (good thing for that, too!), and as Bob was pulling the truck forward to move into position to hook up, Sharon (a camping friend) and I heard this clunk-clunk sound. I thought maybe it was something in the bed of the truck so Bob backed up a little, no sound, then forward again…clunk, clunk a lot! Ohmigosh, the drive train or something (thought I) and then Joe, campground owner who was at a trailer several lots up the line yelled down that we were running over something. So Sharon and I went to the other side of the truck and there it was, our wonderful little aluminum stepladder, all smooshed to pieces. Bob had put it up against the truck so he could take the hitch cover off and forgotten it was there. What compounded the problem was that part of it was jammed between the duallies and we could not get it unwedged. So along comes some other campers who had seen our plight and they offered their help. Then one went back to their trailer for a toolbox and the other went to his motorhome for a big crowbar and, between Bob and the other two, they finally got it unstuck. Whew! That’s one really nice thing about campers…they’re always ready to lend a hand and if one doesn’t have what it takes to get a job done, someone else will.

So, untangled and finally hitched up, we left for Erie PA around 10:45, main line of travel to be along Route 20 west. Well, all well and good with that idea except Route 20 had several detours that took us way off course but each one eventually got us back on route. Drove past acres and acres and acres of vineyards once we got on I-90 heading south from Buffalo. It was really pretty neat but the grapes didn’t smell as aromatic as those apple orchards we drove past in New York.

Pulled into the Camp Eriez campground at 2:10…and found they were full!! Shock!! The other two times we’ve been here, there have only been 3 or 4 other overnighters so I didn’t bother calling to make a reservation. It seems they have a camping club rally here this weekend and all the spots were taken. Thankfully, the owner called the rally master and she said that two campers weren’t coming so we got a spot! Whew!

This is a nice campground with large pull-thru lots. It’s right on Lake Erie although there’s a hill between our campsite and the lake. I think we’ll walk over there tomorrow. We also have to find a geocache where I can leave off a travel bug that wants to go back to Waynesboro PA. This is as close as we’ll be.


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