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Although there's a touch of spring in the air, this winter has been colder and wetter than usual all over the southern US, so it makes sense to head south again and enjoy the sea coast. The campground on the beach doesn't expect us for a few days, so we drove from thirty miles north of Dallas to thirty miles south of Dallas to an Army Corps of Engineers campground. These federally run facilities let geezers like us camp in beautiful spots for $9/night. They are sometimes challenging to find and tricky to get to, but once you are there, it's more than worth it.

Our newest GPS has a feature that makes driving through large cities much easier. The metropolitan Dallas area is laced with expressways. Some intersections have overpasses over overpasses and just knowing where you want to go isn't enough. You need to be in the correct lane and when you are over fifty feet long, lane changes take some planning. Long before the interchange, the GPS lets us know which lanes will be appropriate for our next move and we have enough warning to make it happen.

The first item on the agenda when we arrived at the campground, was to dump. RV's have two tanks - gray for bath and dish water and black for toilet water. The factory where we have been parked had a sewer line, but our hose was twenty feet long and went up hill to make the connection. So dumping the black tank seemed like an unpleasant accident waiting to happen. We pulled into the dump site here and did what we needed to do to be clean and fresh smelling once again. As we pulled out we noticed a deep set of muddy ruts on the right. We couldn't veer left because a large metal dumpster was on the other side. Fingers crossed, we pulled ahead and sunk axle deep into the mud. What to do??? We are in the boonies and getting a tow truck for a forty foot motorhome isn't all that easy. We put on our crocs and rolled up our pants and waded into the mud to unhitch our car and get it out of the way. Then we put boards in front of the tires and crossed our fingers again. The rig eased forward and we were out, but filthy. Guess we won't be dumping here again.

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