Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

With front shade cloth down. We will move this to back &...

With shade side up.

Side of Ron's shed. More decoration to come.

Garage sale table and daybed in progress. More throw pillows to come.

Side of my shed. DGD#6 helped with beads. Plan is to have...

Now that I have a good camera again - I thought I would put up some pictures of the shade house that don't have the melting pink treatment.

It is still a work in progress. The gray shade cloth on the front side was used on our awning on the 5th wheel. It is not as sun proof as I would like in the hot afternoon sun. So we are going to move it to the back (east) side as we do enjoy the morning sun. I have a 22 ft. length of some heavier shade cloth that I will be putting on the west side. I still have to put grommets in it - so that is why it isn't up yet. I had lost my grommet punch but we found it last night.

There will be 2 more throw pillows on the day bed and more fiber fill in the end pillow (as soon as I find out where I stashed that!). My sewing machine died so I am sewing them by hand. I'm pretty slow at that so it is taking longer than I thought.

We will be experimenting with some more furniture in the configuration. I am going to make either a storage buffet type cabinet or a small table - maybe both. I have the materials for the buffet cabinet including a metal top that will have ceramic tile in it. But I might turn it into a table or I might find another table to coordinate with the whole thing.

The rugs on the coffee table and park bench are from the Huttrite colonies back in SD. They used to belong to Ron's mother, but she gave them to me the last time we were to see her. I love their colors.

That's about all from here. We will be going out to Tree Camp to ride Rhinos with Rod and his friends tomorrow. So --- if I don't forget my camera --- we will have pictures of that on Sunday.

Hope you are having a good week. See you Sunday.

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