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Halifax Maritime Museum, in a old boat chandlery building

He museum's newest staff member (he talked, but didn't seem to know...

Deckchair from the Titanic

Carved wall piece from Titanic first-class lounge

Bits from the Mont Blanc, the explosives ship which caused the huge...

Looking over at George Island in the harbour, complete with defense structures...

Theodore Too, the tugboat famous in childrens books and TV

Saturday dawned raining, so we drove into the waterfront area, found parking, and spent hours in the Maritime Museum. Besides much history about Halifax's role in many wars, it had special displays about the sinking of the Titanic and the Halifax explosion. While the Carpathia, who picked up the Titanic survivors, went on to dock in New York, the White Star line had offices in Halifax, which was closer to the sinking site. So, smaller ships from Halifax were hired to out to look for bodies. In total they found some 335 (I think), and while some were buried at sea because they didn't have facilities on board to handle that many bodies, the ships did bring back about 225 bodies and such wreckage as they found. Ship's crew members save the bits of wreckage as souvenirs, and the museum now owns some of those, as well as items found on bodies, etc.

After the museum it had stopped raining so we walked along the waterfront and had dinner (and a $15 parking ticket - oh well) and went back out to Wal-Mart to park for the night.

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