E and P Australia Excursion 2009 travel blog

The Australia Zoo... a MUST SEE

Erwin Family

Elton's Big encounter

Laughing Kookabura



Wambat walk

We spent today at the Australia Zoo.. the most amazing place.. it is very interactive.. they have animals walking everywhere and you can get up close to most animals... they have a tiger show that was incredible.. they play with them and wrestle.. this took all day as it was very hard to walk away from any of it... until they were feeding the snakes and one of them started to take off.. Elton came briskly walking over to where I was and I did not wish to get close with a snake and he says we should go, one of the snakes almost got away.... yey a very deadly one ... I think it was for show... tee hee..we then drove to Brisbane... gettig there late and we forgot that places close early.. but we got a great place for the night...at Greenacres

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