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Soldotna, AK - Fred Myer's Parking Lot - Row C2

Forest fire in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge just east of Soldotna

Misty's new rocker - we're still trying to figure out where to...

The Great Alaskan Carousel 1

The Great Alaskan Carousel 2

The Great Alaskan Carousel 3

The Great Alaskan Carousel 4

The Great Alaskan Carousel 5

The Great Alaskan Carousel 6

The Great Alaskan Carousel 7

The Great Alaskan Carousel 8

Wood Carving 1

Wood Carving 2

Wood Carving 3

Wood Carving 4

Wood Carving 5

Wood Carving 6

Wood Carving 7

Wood Carving 8

Wood Carving 9

Wood Carving 10

Moose on Kenai Spur Highway 1

Moose on Kenai Spur Highway 2

Moose on Kenai Spur Highway 3

Snowshoe Hare - we saw more of these than we could count.

The trip up from Anchor Point to Soldotna was quick an easy, a little over an hour. After much research we finally decided to stay in the Fred Meyer's parking lot since we will only be here one night. For those that don't know, Fred Meyer's is much like Wal-Mart in allowing RVs to overnight except here in Soldotna, they really push the envelope by having a designated RV parking area and a dump station. They also allow you to stay three days and expect you to camp. Of course that doesn't include awnings, etc. but putting the jacks down and slides out is more or less expected, as well as running your generator. Of course we went inside and dropped a quick $40 so I guess they get theirs as well. :)

After parking the Mothership we went to the Soldotna Visitor's Center and scheduled what we wanted to see. First off was a quick trip to the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center to get a map and some idea of where we might see wildlife. Then we went to a bookstore and Misty found some more books she liked so she doesn't have to ration the ones she brought with her. Next on the list was a trip to Kenai. Next we drove east of Soldotna about five miles to a wood-carving place. They really had some nice carvings, including a carousel comletely made of locally carved figures. Misty also found a chair she really liked!

Then we visited the Old Kenai and saw some of the old original buildings. It was interesting but not spectacular and I didn't take any pictures. However, on the way back to Soldotna we found a moose along side the road. We have been looking high and low for moose and hadn't seen hide nor hair of one since the chance encounter at the FamCamp at Elmendorf AFB. This gal just stood there eating, paying no attention us. We stayed about five minutes and she hadn't moved more than a couple of yards. After getting back into Soldotna we went to the Homestead Museum near Centennial Park. What a surprise. It's remarkable how the things you think are going to be enjoyable, aren't and vice-versa. We had a tour by an elderly woman who was a homesteader here in Soldotna in the late 40's. She told us all about the life of that time and of the other homesteaders and the cabins they lived in were on display as well. They didn't even have electricity until just before statehood which came in 1959.I was so engrossed I neglected to take any pictures!

Thursday night we went for a drive through the Skilak Recreation Area in the Kenai Refuge, hoping to sight more wildlife. We are starting to think that trying to find wildlife is a lost cause. We never find any and then the wildlife pops up when we least expect it when we are not hynting for them! We did see more Snowshoe Hares than we could count and very briefly we saw a moose that had finished crossing the road and all we caught was her tail-end.

We head for Portage Friday and hope to find a campsite near Portage Glacier. The campground is full except for walk-ins so we will see?

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