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What an awesome overnight trip out on to Milford Sound - just perfect conditions to see Mitre Peak, the opportunity to kayak out on Harrisons Inlet and John even jumped in for a very brief swim (for which read 10 seconds!)

Last time we went to Milford it had been raining heavily and the sheer fiord sides were dancing with hundreds of waterfalls. This time we were able to appreciate the scale of the fiord sides (the cluoud was too low before) in places rising vertically 1000m (and a further 1000m below the waterline as well ! - There were still the permanent waterfalls to appreciate - Bowen Falls, the 500m high Stirling Falls (3 times the height of Niagara)and the more delicate Bridal Veil Falls.

At around 5.15 we pulled into Harrisons Inlet and out came the Kayaks. Down at water level and close in to the fiord sides you can appreciate the immensity and majesty of these geological mammoths carved out over 20million years. Sheer sides rising around us and a glacial field visible above us in one corner of the inlet. The fresh clear air making kayaking strokes very easy - despite a slight swell on the water!.

After Johns quick dip - it was change for dinner. As the the Milford Wanderer swung gently on its anchor we enjoyed soup followed by roast lamb and a wide choice of desserts. Out on deck for a bit of stargazing in the fresh night air and, so to bed....

Up at 6.45 to see the first strands of light creeping into the fiord. A quick brekfast and then the boat was off up the fiord towards the Tasman Sea. Spotted a few fur seals along the way and a few more waterfalls. Perfect blue skies by this time and the light fillign every corner of the south side of the fiord - spectacular views of Mitre Peak as we cam back in - spellbinding!

Great drive back from the sound with stunning views around the valleys, the remaining glacial fields and the aptly named Mirror Lakes.

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