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Esztergom cathedral, the largest in Hungary

Nick and one of the internet kiosks scatter around the town. We...

Breakfast with our hosts, Lajos and Rosza

Nick's breakfast of meat, meat, and more meat.

Our hosts' house, with our first snowfall of the season

Tesco, where we bought some winter jackets. Yay Tesco!

Lajos and Rosza's friends from Budapest, who came up for a visit

Nov 10th

We arrived yesterday and are staying with our wonderful hosts, Lajos and Rosza. We got caught up in so much conversation this morning that Rosza practially had to kick us out of the house after breakfast so that we would take in the local sites. We know we will return to a great conversation this evening. Such as with Turkey, we are learning more and more about the Hungarian we are finding difficult to understand and accept (given the very sad experiences that the Hungarian people endured this century).

The world is a complex place.

Today we wandered around the town, taking in the largest Catholic cathedral in Hungary as well as having visited the castle museum.

Again to keep warm from the cold weather and rain we have ducked in to an internet cafe and were able to upload more photos to entries no. 39, 40 and 41.

It is now 5:30 and we know a delicious dinner is being prepared so we should cut this short to head back "home" and offer our help.

Oh and one last final thought... we are aware that tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada. For the first time in several years we will not join in on the ceremony at the War Momument back home but we will take a moment for reflection. We certainly feel the weight of the past here in Hungary.

In peace,

Kyla and Nick

Warming up, two ways, in Esztergom - Nick writing

Esztergom was a quiet little town close to the Slovakian border with the largest church in Hungary, and one of the best couples to spend time with: Lajos and Rosza. We had a great time talking with both of them late into the night over food and dinner. I also had a taste of roast goose, a traditional hungarian dish for St. Martin's day. Excellent.

After spending the day wandering around the city and seeing the sites, we would come back in cold and tired. Lajos greeted us with an invitation into his cellar to warm up, where he kept his wines and other liquids. We sampled a number of local specialities in the cellar (Zwack Unicum and plum brandy, for example) - we were treated to a little more than we would normally have indulged in before dinner, and without any food in our stomachs. But it certainly warmed us up from the cold, and prepared us for another wonderful dinner with Lajos and Rosza.

We also picked up two winter coats in Esztergom, before we headed off for Gyor. The weather had turned, and our layering strategy with our rain jackets just wasn't really cutting it anymore. Hurray for Tesco, the giant 24 hour retailer in eastern and central Europe, which was even open on a Sunday holiday night. Our jackets rock.

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