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My Hong Kong porter!

Dan and Carly

Cable cars






Heading up to the big buddha


This made me laugh; monk tourists!

Tai O





Hong Kong by night...

...and by day

I arrived in Hong Kong at 7.30am (and so did my bag!!) and I haven't been in such a rush to get through customs and out the arrival gate since I started this trip! Dan and Carly were there to meet me and it was so fabulous to see them, they are both looking fantastic and doing really well. It was such a nice experience to see familiar faces again after so long, and doubly so seeing as I haven't seen them since they left Australia in April.

We headed by bus from the airport back to the city and made our way to the Royal Plaza Hotel where Dan, Carly and I are staying while I'm here (thanks Mum and Lucas!!). Its an absolutely gorgeous hotel which is located not only in the heart of the city in walking distance to everything but its also a part of the biggest shopping centre so I can shop to my hearts content!

After we checked in we caught a train out to the SkyTrain which is a cable car heading out to the Big Buddha, great views of the mountains. After wandering around the Buddha and through the monastery we caught a bus to the fishing village of Tai O which was so quaint and rustic and really nice to walk in and around. We went back to the hotel afterwards and I had the best shower I have had in a month, with a full sized fluffy white towel to use as well. So much better than the hankerchief sized microfibre towel I'd been using in Africa! We went for a bit of a walk around later on and had a quick look at Hong Kong by night. The city really comes alive after dark! There are neon lights everywhere and about a million more people than during the day, its incredible. The main thing I've noticed so far is how many apartment blocks there are everywhere and they have hundreds, if not thousands of units in each one. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else.

I was pretty exhausted after travelling since 5am the day before and not sleeping at all so I wasn't up for a big night and ended up in a gloriously soft and cozy bed by about 10pm and slept like a log.

Carly is at work today, and every day until I leave, which is a pity but Dan has the week off so he will play tour guide and show me the sights while we catch up on the last 8 months! I'm having dinner with Carly's family tonight and I'm pretty excited about meeting them. The only dilema I have is that her parents don't speak any English and I don't speak and Cantonese so I think there will just have to be alot of smiling and hand gestures!

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