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This morning I had to be up and at 'em early so I could be ready to leave by the time Bill and Cindy were. I've had a very nice visit with them. Before leaving town I fed Daisy and then headed south to Tyler State Park, which is only about 150 miles from Paris. I stopped along the way to buy a few groceries.

The park is nearly 986 acres in a very nice wooded, hilly area surrounding a 64-acre lake stocked with trout, bass and catfish. There are several camping areas and hiking trails. The land was deeded by private owners in 1934 and 1935 and original improvements were made by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The park opened in 1939.

We are in the Black Jack area which surrounds the Group Pavilion. On arriving, I received a bag of "goodies" which included lots of information about Tyler, as well as a nice stick pin and other items. There were already about a dozen motorhomes here and several arrived after I did. The others will be here tomorrow, for a total of 29 units. Daisy is having a wonderful time among her siblings. Several of the club members remember Daisy's original owner, Maureen, and have asked me about her.


Last night a cold front blew in and brought a little rain with it. It was about 60 degrees inside when I woke up. Time for a little heat! After breakfast I went outside for a short time to visit with some of the hardy souls in the pavilion. However, I had to go back inside very soon because the wind was making me cough too much. For nearly two weeks I've been battling the worst allergy attack I've had in years. It started with a horrendous sore throat while I was at Critter Creek and has gotten worse. A clerk at a health food center where I bought some homeopathic medicines told me that ragweed had started blooming, so I suppose that is what set me off. Anyway, I think I'm over the hump now.

Later today one of the ladies came to my door and gave me a cookbook with recipes by several members of the club. She came in to visit a little while and told me that she and her husband are sailboat enthusiasts. They moved from California to South Texas by sailing through the Panama Canal. It took them six months!

By mid-afternoon the wind had died down and it was warmer, so I ventured outside again. This time I managed to stay through dinner, which was finger food potluck. Such a feast! I sampled only part of it and still was stuffed.


This morning I met with the membership coordinators to join the South Central Lazy Dazers and to get my membership packet. I ordered a small badge, which will be shipped from California.

After lunch most of us carpooled to the Tyler Rose Garden for the Queen's Tea. We arrived early, so we had time to visit the museum and stroll the gardens. There were several past queens' dresses on display in the museum. Each year they are more elaborate. In 1988 Bill and Lenora Clyde's daughter was selected queen and they paid $35,000 for her dress. Now they cost at least twice that much. The queen's parents also pay for the Tea and all the other trappings.

Tonight we had a potluck dinner, followed by a business meeting. Then there was a drawing for gifts. I got a "Queen for a Day" mug.


This morning I slept later than usual because I wasn't planning to attend the Tyler Rose Parade. I suspected that the chilly morning air would not help my allergy problem.

Early in the afternoon, members of the Dogwood Chapter of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society began arriving at our camp to start preparing our dinner. Two of them are members of the Lazy Dazers and were our hosts for this roundup (Lazy Dazers' lingo for 'campout'). What a feast it was! There was corned beef and cabbage, chili, lasagna, Mexican chicken, pork roast, several vegetable dishes, several kinds of bread and some desserts. It's amazing what can be prepared in a Dutch oven.

Our next campout will be in May in Arkansas. I'm looking forward to that.

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