The world's largest was pretty big...:-)

One more view...

The Missouri River..

Not sure what this is...:-)

Side view...

I liked this one..:-)

The largest buffalo in the world was cool too..

We saw miles of beautiful sunflowers ....

Last one, our site...

Today was a pretty long travel day, about 300 miles. We almost crossed the whole width of North Dakota, the Montana line was only a few miles from Medora, where we left. We stopped in Fargo, North Dakota to rest tonight, and it’s only a few miles from the Minnesota border. A few more miles and we would have made it all the way across North Dakota in a day. :-)

We got a pull through site and didn’t even put our slides out, we want to be ready to roll fast in the morning. We are heading to the Great Lakes area to explore as many lighthouses as we can see over the next month. We can’t wait to be near the water again. It should be a fun month of exploring.

I am adding a few pictures from the drive today, we saw the “world’s largest cow” and the “world's largest buffalo” on the drive today, according to signs we read along the highway. My pictures were taken going 65 miles per hour and with a very dirty windshield, so please excuse the bugs and the blurs.

Check back later for more from somewhere in Minnesota.

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