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Daytona Beach Sunrise

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We made it to Daytona Beach yesterday it's great to be here. We drove around 890 miles total and for the most part it wasn't to bad. But the roads are crazy it's funny I don't notice it so much pulling the trailer. Maybe people see old people and a big trailer and they don't want to get near us. What ever the reason I'm happy with that.

I started my Ocean water cleansing yesterday and my arms already look better. I don't know why it is but it heals all my cuts and scrapes. If I try to do anything at all I will hit my head or cut my arms or both. But I will have to say I come by it honestly my dad was the same way. You know what they say The apple dosn't fall far from the tree.

We are staying at a hotel for 3 nights that we used to stay at years ago. The same lady still ownes it and she likes flowers. I will say it's still the most colorfull and best looking place on the beach.

I had another round of oysters last night and they were great Linda had cocconut shirmp. It's one of the places we always eat at when we are here (Boondocks). We usally eat seafood everyday while we are here.

The weather is great in the low 90's and a nice breeze. The humidity is not as high as it has been in Kentucky. Linda's red spots in her eyes at night have gotten smaller. I wish we knew what causes them the doctors can't tell us. They cannot find anything wrong.

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