Oh boy, we're gonna like this place!

The CCC boys of 1933 put in the nice floor, easy to...

Part of the cave

Cave pic

Cave pic

The office for checking into the RV park

The Diamond Cavern entrance, gift shop, research area.

Cute little old church in the campground, though not used anymore.

The Pavillion Recreation hall. lots of things to keep you busy here.

Ya think there might be a few activities! Geeesh, we can't just...

A nice mini-golf area

beautiful open areas to enjoy the animals and birds

Turkeys galore

By now everyone who has been following our travels know we like to check out most caves and caverns we might pass. This area in Kentucky is THE AREA for cave lovers. We're only sorry we aren't spending more time here. We'll have to come back to see them all. The Mammoth Cave National Park is beyond fabulous for extent of caveing one can do. The park itself is beautiful, it has many bike trails and hiking trails one can go on and of course there are caves. Mammoth Cave is THE WORLDS most extensive, long cave system with over 368 miles of cave to explore.

Diamond Cavern RV Park is very nice, we recommend it for anyone wanting to stay near the caves or just for the park experience. The park owns an 18 hole golf course, that's right a full-blown regulation 18 hole course. WooooHooo! It's only $25 w/cart! Besides caving this stop is for us to catchup on computer admin stuff and put the new rack on the new truck which will carry the Porta-Bote. Now we just have to wait for the rack to arrive. When it comes in and we install it we'll take the pics for you to see.

One day, a Ford p/u drove up and parked it's 5th wheel trailer next us, our coach double! same year, model, floor plan etc, with only a few small exeptions a duplicate! So check out the pics of the Twins on the road.

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