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Two Harbors Lighthouse is located in Two Harbors, Minnesota. We were driving the North Shore Scenic Byway and ran upon this one. It is now used as a Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast. I am pasting information for our readers who would love to stay in this one. If you love lighthouses like we do, this would be a great vacation spot. The town is loaded with awesome shops and restaurants and lots of historical museums and more. My next update with cover the lighthouses in Duluth, check back later for more.

Paste of information below:

Light House Bed & Breakfast

Perched on the rocky shores of Lake Superior’s north shore the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast features four rooms offering our guests a restful escape. Built in 1892, the Two Harbors Light Station is your home while exploring all the beauty and recreational activities that Minnesota’s north shore has to offer. Full breakfast is served in our dining room each morning. Guests also rest assured knowing that their stay is ensuring the preservation of this historic lighthouse.


Rates per night: $109-$179

Two Harbors Light Station Timeline:

Light first lit April 15 1892, a continuous white beacon in all directions

In order to help distinguish it from other lights on shore the original Fresnel lens is replaced with a four bulls eye lens and clockworks (rotating mechanism) creating a signature flash. As more electric lighting appeared on shore red screens were placed in the gallery to further distinguish the light signal.

In 1921 the light is electrified drastically changing the Keepers duties.

Two of the four bulls eyes are removed creating the flash signature still in use today;.4 sec flash 4.6 sec dark, .4 sec flash 14.6 sec darkness.

1923 The fog signal steam whistles are replaced with the twin diaphonic horns. They played an octave F chord.

1938 the U.S. Lighthouse Service is incorporated into the U. S. Coast Guard.

1941 The radio beacon is installed. When used in concert with the fog signal this was a direction and distance finding device.

1969 The Coast Guard replaced the Fresnel lens with the twin 1000 watt Aerobeacon.

1981 The Coast Guard fully automated the light station eliminating the need for a keeper in residence. The Lake County Historical Society is allowed to lease the property and provide tours.

1999 Through an act of Congress the Light Station is given to the Lake County Historical Society. The Society opens the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast as a means to generate funds to maintain the facility.

The Two Harbors Light Station is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on Minnesota's North Shore. It is a privately owned aid to navigation.

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