Entrance to the Long Beach Preserve

A very welcoming entrance/exit at this preserve

There are cute wood cutouts all over

Notice the bird houses on the pole.

A closeup of the some bird houses, er firehouses....

this is our setup in space 10

This is a north view of a portion of Cape Disappointment

Bambi enjoyed the walk but...

she pooped out fast today, guess she needed more rest, Dave had...

Came across this surf fisherman

fishing for perch, last week was a big perch tournament

The pool at this preserve, kinda nice don't ya think...

Oh Sunny Day ! ! ! We have a string of nice weather days coming at us this week. Today was moving day, it was a comfortable drive up US hwy 101 about 33 miles, taking one hour. We had to go to Astoria and cross over the Astoria bridge which crosses the Columbia River near the mouth of the river at the Pacific ocean.

After crossing the river it was only about 8 or 9 miles more and there we are! Not much to say about this stay yet, as we've just arrived, but we have walked on the beach already. Can't wait to get on the bike and go on the 8.3 mile "Discovery Trail" mimicking a trek Captain Clark took in Nov of 1805 to scout this area. So, for more information about this area stay tuned and check in often as I'm sure we'll be taking lots-o-pictures.

We'll be here one week.

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