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QF52 lands

Great welcome home!

15 August 2018

Good morning Australia!

Back on Australian soil, and it feels good. A great welcome home, first by Ian, Gemma & Tim at the airport. Arriving at home, Don starts to unlock, realises the house is unlocked, smells toast, and there are Ben & Jeremy to greet us. They had stayed overnight, and Ben had hidden his car up the road a bit. A lovely surprise.

Lots of chatting and catching up before Ian and Gemma had to leave. Ben headed off to work, then Steve & Kylie picked the other boys up to go for a bike ride at Sandgate.

Lots of unpacking, sorting and washing to start which we did on auto pilot after probably the worst flight we have ever had! Lots of little ones on the flight, and we managed to get one either side of us, one row back!! Felt very sorry for them and the parents, (and even sorrier for the passengers!) but between them, they screamed, and I mean "screamed" for around seven hours. The loudest one went to sleep just over an hour before we landed, as the lights came on for breakfast!

Neither of us are keen on ear plugs, but could muffle the noise a bit with the headphones. I watched one movie, Don watched three movies and we tried to relax as much as we could.

I guess we can be thankful that this hasn't happened to us before, so many travelling with very young families these days.

We befriended a couple at Singapore airport with a little gorgeous 10 month old daughter. They apologized in advance at the airport in case they would be near us, but she was an angel. Chatted again waiting for our luggage and little Ava had slept most of the way. They were sitting further away from us, but could hear the screams and were feeling sorry for everyone. Ava was such a happy girl and even seemed to recognize us each time we chatted.

Well that brings our adventure to a close. Thank you to everyone for coming on the journey with us.

The highlights - well, that is hard, as each place holds its own memories.

Would have to say that Switzerland is high on the list, with Marcel and Trudi. This was the purpose of our trip, and they gave us such a wonderful time. To have the opportunity to also spend time with Regi again and then the bonus of Stephan, Leanne, Luca and Eli in Singapore made it very special. It was the one weekend that they were all at home, so very well timed. Even though we missed Susie & Marcus, we were able to have a live chat with them on their boat.

Enjoyed Dubai, even with the heat and dust. Gave us an insight to the wealth there.

Norway, a delightful tour with a small group, spectacular fjords and glaciers, very warm and interesting hotels and bathrooms.

Singapore, so much has happened in 10 years, and even in another few years, it will have been developed much further. So pleased we had the opportunity to enjoy the Gardens, the lights, massive shopping centres and much more.

Now the highlight is to be home and with family again.

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