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My Bingo Prize - Throw Pillow Covers

My Drink in 'Coconut Shell'

Limbo Dance - Lori Maddox

Limbo Dance - Judy Birchfield

Coconut Bowling - Cindy Fiedler

Coconut Bowling - April and Crystal Resetting Bowling Pins

Costume Contestants - Lois Wilson and Mary Deen

Costume Contestants - Marjorie Schinke and Tina Davis

Costume Contestant - Wanda Coffelt

This afternoon we had a luau, co-sponsored by three healthcare organizations (Heartland, Carter Home Health and Pine Ridge) and CARE. Representatives from the three organizations supplied all the food and drinks and CARE used donated items as bingo prizes. The dining room was appropriately decorated in bright colors.

Lisa Tyler, our activities director, conducted several games. First, we played two games of Bingo, with either fresh pineapples or mystery gifts as prizes. I chose a mystery gift (two brightly-colored sofa pillow covers) because I can’t eat fresh pineapple. Then, there was ten-pen bowling with a coconut as a bowling ball. Results were very unpredictable because the coconut rolled crazily. Finally, there was dancing under the limbo stick. Even some of the adult day care patients in wheelchairs participated in bowling and limbo stick dancing. At the end we chose by applause the best-dressed, Hawaiian style.

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