USA 2016 Friendship Rally travel blog

Rally cap

Container ship in a bottle

Pelicans round the fishing boat

We have safely arrived in Los Angeles and met all of our friends. The sun is shining. We have enjoyed a nice dinner with the Patchett's at a seafood restaurant overlooking the harbour and watching pelicans and seals pick up the scraps from the returning fishing boats. California at its best.

On Global Rally we are used to leaving a trail of destruction behind us for example earthquakes in Pakistan and the Arab Spring but this time disaster seems to be proceeding our rally. Yesterday we were informed that three of our containers had not been released from the port because of an accident involving a crane and a stack of containers. The situation was on clear and very worrying and it included the container with both the Aston Martins inside, One with a Jaguar and the Patchett Mercedes and one with two Porsches. On arrival we have learnt that two of the three containers, including ours, suffered damage but did not fall and our cars have been unloaded and inspected by Paul, the mechanic, and passed as being in excellent order. We are heartily relieved.

Unfortunately the container containing the two Porsches has suffered significant damage and is still not released from the port. We are all hoping for good news and access to the container tomorrow.

Apart from a bag lost by British Airways and a last minute panic over an ESTA visa everybody else seems set for the off on Monday.

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