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Lovely day for a SHORT bike ride

This couple were from Brisbane on a mammoth trip to the Riviera

Still happy peddlers

Here I am closing the loch gate

Like an annoying pestering child I kept asking Chris when can we have a bike ride. So we hired bikes that didn't fit and off we went along the canal. The women said that lunch would be about 20 km away. We said oh too far, we will just ride for a while and come back. 40 locks and 20 km later we found lunch in Venarey-Les Laumes It was a lovely sunny day and except for the hills a flat ride. Unfortunately we ran out of water on the way back and the dizziness we experienced indicated we were dehydrated. Not a good way to end our ride, 40 km was too far last year and certainly this year too. I blame the bikes but.....We saw lots of rural France. Even a bee keeper tending his hives. Una apis, nulla apis. All the locks were manual and they even let me have a go. A 5 hour adventure or extreme punishment depending on who you talk to. Still no more whining from me. Back to a restful evening looking over our valley. Our host gave us a bottle of local wine so that helped with the dehydration relief.

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